Turbo Fire

90 days of Turbo Fire combined with ChaLEAN extreme and proper nutrition.

If you like short, but intense workouts that leave you dripping in sweat then you’ll love Turbo Fire. I used to love doing hardcore aerobics at the gym. But after my separation, the gym was one the first extra expenses I cut. Turbo Fire gives me the ‘exercise high’ that I used to get at the gym, but in the comfort of my own home.

There is a a choreography component that you may find difficult if you lack co-ordination, but there is a beginner option at the beginning of each workout that will break down the steps for you. Eventually the steps become second nature and you can just enjoy the music, the movement and the endorphins!

Combine Turbo Fire with ChaLEAN extreme and some good eating habits and it will be almost impossible to not see results.

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