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Ali created an environment that helped me (and I'm sure others) move myself that much further toward my goal. I took a before and after photo and I can't believe the difference in how I feel and look. Thanks Ali!

Michelle Martin - Chicago, IL

I was very reluctant to use Shakeology. I wasn't sure what it would taste like and I was worried I wouldn't feel full for long enough to use it as a meal replacement. I was also leery about the claims it makes about how healthy it is. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it for a month. Much to my surprise, I am not hungry after drinking it. I am also not craving sweets as much!

I am 5 weeks into the program right now. I have more energy overall, and I find I am usually in a better mood than I was before I started the program. I have also lost about 6 pounds, and 4 inches from my waist, 2.5 inches from my thighs and an inch from my arms. I am following my own version of the meal plan rather than the included one (I am picky about my food, and I refuse to make a different meal for me than I make for the rest of my family.).
I like the group where everyone reports how they are doing. I also like having the modifier in the videos so I have someone to follow. Having the website to post on when it fit my schedule was also a plus!
I have more energy and I feel better about myself. I’ve also noticed that my fitness level has improved.
Ali is very encouraging and she makes me feel like I can accomplish the workouts, even when they are hard. She also checks in with us when we haven’t posted for a few days to make sure we are okay, and she offers to brainstorm solutions for any challenges we are having as we go along.
I’m already wondering which program to try next! I seem to be a convert now.

Catherine Mann Davis - Lindsay, ON

Since participating in the challenge I have lost weight, had more energy, better bowels, and clearer skin.
The online support is wonderful and Ali is so motivational and positive.
She is also very knowledgeable about products and nutritional health.

Karen McLaughlin - Ajax, ON

I was concerned about spending money on the fitness program and quitting
But, since the challenge, I am in a better mood and I have more energy. I feel less puffy and am noticing muscles I never knew I had.
I love the accountability.
I am a new person after starting my workouts. I was someone that never enjoyed working out, and now I look forward to my workouts and have a hard time NOT working out on rest days.
Ali is there when I need her and helps me when I feel I am in a rut. Her posts keep me motivated to keep going.

Lisa Wrobbel - Rocky River, OH

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