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Let’s get healthy and feel sexy! Become the woman you want to be and Own your Potential.

If you’re tired of¬† squeezing into your jeans, feeling unattractive and lethargic and you’re ready for real change in your life – more energy, more confidence, mental clarity, physical and emotional strength and financial freedom…then I want to work with you! :)

My name is Ali and I’m a teacher, a single mom and a Beachbody coach. I know how stress, lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits can pay a price on your mind and your figure. Haven’t we all been there? You can find success alone, but life will inevitably get in the way and without a support system, everything will come crashing down. You lose motivation, feel frustrated and defeated. It can be incredibly overwhelming!

This is where a strong support network comes in and can really help you to stay focused, inspired and committed to the end and beyond.

We are social beings and we can’t do it alone. Change is hard and temptation is everywhere. Actively participating and talking with a group with like minded individuals will help you steer away from temptation and help you achieve your health/fitness goals.

What do you get by participating  in a Challenge Group??

  • Get Accountability
  • Schedule Skype/phone dates with me for extra support
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Share successes and frustrations in a positive environment
  • Feel stronger and sexier every week
  • Help others in their journey
  • Start feeling good in your own skin
  • Share tips, strategies and recipes
  • Get any questions you have answered quickly
  • Feel energized, motivated and supported

You will not be left alone to do this by yourself. We’ll walk this journey together and together we will achieve success!

Let’s do this! Are you ready??

The Challenge Group is now closed!!

Click here if you’re interested in participating in the next one and I will get back to you!

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