Bring It with P90X

I first got P90X for Christmas in 2008. I had seen the infomercials and wanted to lose the baby weight I had gained, so my sister got it for me. All I wanted was to fit back into my jeans for my 29th birthday. I was able to achieve that goal after the first 30 days of doing P90X! Unfortunately afterwards, I lost my motivation to continue and I’m sad to say that the program sat on the shelf collecting dust for a year :(

Fast forward to my 30th birthday

I was in a slump. My marriage was falling apart. I was working part time, and the rest of the day was spent enjoying time with my 18 month old son. Even though I loved being a mom, I wasn’t feeling like myself and I knew I needed to do something. So I dusted off the P90X, and began to push play. This time I was determined to complete it!

At week 7, halfway through the program – my husband left me. I had every excuse in the world to quit, but I didn’t.

I remember taking a shower and feeling how strong my body was becoming. That strength that I was physically feeling helped me to find the emotional strength needed to persevere during a time when my world was thrown upside down. I was so thankful for the program. And I ended up with great results.

P90X is an intense but amazing program. If you have any questions – let me know :)

And if you’re ready for the next level…



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