Pregnant, Eloping and P90X3

by Ali Piazza

Happy New Year!!! Don’t you just love the feeling of optimism and hope that this day brings??

A chance for making changes and creating new and wonderful things.

This year will definitely be a game changer for me…

First off because I’m getting married to the most AMAZING man (seriously a-mah-zing!) He’s got it all :) I’m am truly blessed that he entered my life. We were going to elope on the 30th but I didn’t have the proper divorce documentation. So, now I think the new plan is to elope in March on some tropical sandy beach. Ahhhhh I LOVE that idea!!!

And the other big change is that I’M PREGNANT!!! Currently only 8 weeks. I know I’m not ‘supposed’ to share before the 1st trimester is done, but I just want to. The new little one will be due in August. :)

Before I found out I was pregnant I was planning on doing P90X3 and getting the best results possible, aka – abs and slimmer thighs! That goal is obviously not happening, but the actions will be the same.

I’m still going to focus on proper nutrition so my baby can put him/herself together properly and I don’t gain the whopping 60 lbs like I did with my first pregnancy.

And I’m still going to attempt X3, but I’ll change it up to my liking.

So, basically I’m going to eat well and move my body. Nothing revolutionary – just making choices that EVERYBODY should be doing whether they want to lose weight of not. 

Doing P90X3 While Pregnant

I must admit, I’m a bit nervous about attempting to do this. Having completed the original P90X, I know how challenging the program is. And throw in the common pregnancy symptoms I’ve been feeling – nausea, fatigue, sore boobs, headaches etc. It’s going to be even more challenging.

My doctor said that I can continue to be as active as I was before. I was doing a round of ChaLEAN Extreme before so I feel I can start X3. Plus, according to Beachbody, P90X3 can be for anyone – both veteran’s and beginners because there’s modifications available. I’ve been debating between Lean and Classic version but I think I’ll go for Lean just cause that’s what I did when I did the original. There’s simply more cardio in the Lean version compared to the Classic.

I will also have to double up on the sports bras because my boobs are sooo sore!

My Pregnant Modifications

  • Do all modifications instead of regular
  • Do 15 reps with a lighter weight instead of the recommended 10.
  • Do low impact cardio instead of high impact –> no jumping and plyometrics.
  • Will not do exercises that require me to lie on my stomach, back or twist my torso.
  • Will attempt to do ab exercises on the stability ball.
  • Listen to my body. If I’m exhausted or nauseous I will do an easier workout from my DVD library.
  • I will aim to workout 4-5 x a week, I don’t know if I can commit to 6x a week cause of my fatigue.
  • Probably going to do 6 weeks (not 13) because that will bring me into my 2nd trimester.

Eating while Pregnant

I will still plan my meal and I will share them here with you each week. I’m not going to be tracking calories. I will be focusing on eating whole foods – fruits, veggies, lean meats, light dairy (cause I’m totally craving cheese!) and whole grains. I’ll be continuing to make meals that are cheap, quick and easy to make and that the whole family will enjoy – including my uber picky 5 year old son!

Despite my meal planning, I will also follow my cravings in moderation cause I believe that pregnant women crave certain things for a reason. Perhaps the baby is needing more protein, or vitamin C or whatever nutrient he/she needs. Am I going to give into EVERY craving?…No. I’ve been craving beer recently, which is weird cause I don’t drink beer and I’m obviously not going to start now. I also want to gain a healthy amount of weight, not the amount I did with Evan.

I am also going to continue to drink Shakeology when I feel like it.

I of course asked my doctor first and she told me to call Motherisk to determine if it was safe to drink during pregnancy. The Motherisk Program is a clinical, research and teaching program run by The Hospital for Sick Children, one of the world’s leading paediatric health-care institutions. When I called they said that it was safe to drink. So, on days I don’t drink it I take my prenatal vitamin, and on days I do drink it I add a folic acid supplement.

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Suzanne August 8, 2014 at 11:41 am

Hey Ali,

Hope all is well and thank you for posting this. I’m
Wondering how p903 worked for you during your pregnancy. I’ve been doing it for the past yep months ands am currently trying to get pregnant. Since most dr’s probably aren’t familiar with each work out, can you tell me the ones you skipped or the ones that were especially difficult? I’ve been doing the classic version, but maybe switching to the lean is better?

Thanks so much!


Ali Piazza August 8, 2014 at 2:27 pm

Hey Suzanne!

As far as I know regarding exercise and pregnancy is that you can continue to exercise during your pregnancy. You just don’t want to start a new program while your pregnant because your body is not used to it. So since you’re already doing X3, you should be good to continue. I just did the modified version, avoided any twisting movement and kept my heart rate low.
I’ll shoot you an email to see if I can answer your more specific questions :)


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