What’s Keeping You Stuck? Fear or Laziness?

by Ali Piazza

So, I haven’t blogged in for a VERY long time. I could make a ton of excuses as to why, but the reality is I’ve been scared and lazy. I have a total love affair with my bed and couch and I’m scared of both failure and success. It’s crazy!

I heard a long time ago that humans can achieve anything if they just get over their fear and laziness – and I couldn’t agree more! Those two things stop me from moving forward, changing and growing in every area of my life. There’s comfort in being stuck, but being stuck is a shitty place to be. Everyone is happiest when they are progressing towards something.

So how do you get over fear and laziness? It’s pretty simple. In the words of the famous Nike slogan – JUST DO IT!

Know your fear and get over it. Understand your laziness and push through the discomfort.

Don’t think about it too much. I’m totally guilty of this – It’s part of my love affair with my couch…I can honestly sit and think for hours while doing absolutly nothing! I also see this behaviour in my students as well.  I have one student in particular who is really sweet and cute. He has a round face and glasses and talks slowly. He has an old man quality to him. When I ask him why he hasn’t started his work he throws his head back, looks up at the ceiling and slowly says “I’m thinking”.  Even though he is needy, thinking has become an excuse for him to do nothing.  Thinking without action is useless.

Set a date if you need to, but don’t wait for the ‘right time’ since there’s never a right time. There will always be social functions, birthday parties, work obligations, family reunions etc. Those are excuses and don’t lead to productivity. And speaking of excuses – watch your excuses carefully. Be honest with yourself and know the difference between a reason and an excuse.

Don’t wait for when you ‘feel like it’ cause if you’ve been out of the health and wellness arena for a while you won’t feel like it. You’ll feel like watching TV, or eating some pasta alfredo.

Start small. Especially if changing your eating or exercise habits. If you jump in to quickly you may overdo and end up injured and in bed all weekend (that’s from personal experience – boo) Change a few things first instead of trying to do it all at once. You will burnout otherwise.

I believe that laziness and fear are base instinctual emotions that were developed for survival purposes. But if you’re reading this I doubt that you are in ‘survival mode’ so don’t give in to those base instincts and push your way out.

Feel your fear regularly, get over your laziness and accomplish something.

What’s stopping you from progressing? Fear, laziness or both? I’d love to know!



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