To Weigh or Not To Weigh?

by Ali Piazza

So you wanna to get healthy and ultimately lose weight?  Chances are you have a specific number in your head that you are striving for. But stepping on the scale can become a source of frustration and obsession. It can dictate how feel about yourself and if the number goes up or doesn’t move, a lot of women quit despite improvement in other areas.

Don’t use your weight as a goal

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that you don’t use an actual number on the scale as your goal. You should use other methods of assessment to monitor your progress. After all, if you are going to put in a lot of time and effort, you want to see results!

At the same time, I understand the rush one feels when they see the numbers go down. But weight is arbitrary. You can gain/lose up to 5 lbs in a few days depending on hormonal influences, water retention and what you’ve eaten.

It’s a guide, not a rule

If you do choose to use a scale it should be used as a tool to keep you in check, not as a measurement of your success. I know that if I see the numbers slowly creeping up over a course of a week or two, then it means I need to pull in the reigns. It means that I’ve been slacking in my workouts or that old habits are creeping in. Maybe I’m not being as aware as I should be or I’m not eating clean. But I do not let it dictate my self-worth or how I’m going to feel that day. The reality is that is so easy to fluctuate a pound or two, even within a day.

If the scale is a major source of anxiety…THROW IT OUT!! I did not have a scale my house growing up because my mother did not want my sisters and I obsessing about our weight.

A Better Goal

Building healthy habits should be your goal. After all, it’s through changing your behaviour and habits that will allow you to find success. Choose a few habits at a time, and aim to be consistent with them.  Once your healthy habits are established, weight loss will be the side effect.

Use Different Forms of Measurement

  • Take monthly pictures of yourself
  • Notice how your clothes are fitting
  • Notice your energy levels
  • Notice the ease of your physical activity
  • Take your measurements

How do you feel about the scale? Are you an avid daily user, or does it make you cringe so much that you dread it? Answer in the comments below! :)

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